Comfort & Care for the Elderly

“My mom was at Comfort & Care for the Elderly for 5 years and the attention she received during that times was exceptional.  You all show so much love, compassion and caring for your “ladies”.  I will always feel blessed that I was able to have my mother in such a warm and caring environment during her final years.”

Sandra J. Hapner RN.

I want to thank you and express our appreciation for the quality care that you extended to our mother.  Every time we visited, we were impressed at how clean and neat Anne appeared.  The things like doing her hair and nails meant a lot.  The cleanliness and restful atmosphere of your home and the lovely back yard all added to Anne’s comfort and all the wonderful care she received.  We will always have a special place in our heart for all of you.”

Connie & Dave Hunter

“I cannot thank you enough for the LOVING care you have given my mother for the last 5 years. She has been like one of your family, and you made her feel very welcome and happy.  You have your house so attractive with all your decorating, and it is always so clean and bright.  Thank you for the many years of knowing my mother was well cared for.”

Jo Ann Carr

“Our hearts are full of appreciation and gratefulness to you and to God for the wonderful, loving, caring treatment you gave mom.  She couldn’t possible have had a better home to spend her last days of her life.  Not only did you treat her with respect and care but your genuine love for her was very obvious!  The meals and the eating situation couldn’t have been more “homey”!  Your openness to us her children to come by any time was so nice!  Your reading her daily devotional to her meant much to her – and to us! Your constant cheerfulness and encouragement- such a blessing!  Your have all given over and above what we could have ever hoped for”

Don and Judy Hamman

“We had no idea what to do about my mother’s care. Whenever anyone would ask what I thought it would take to care for her I always responded “It will take angels”. While Comfort & Care staff may not look like what you imagine to be angels I assure you they are.”

Pete Campbell


“After 1.5 years they still exceed our every expection. Thank you!”

Deanna Cook